When No One Was Looking Free Book Offer

unnamed (1)When No One Was Looking Free Book Offer

Title of Book: Project Mnemsoyne

Author: Kim Frauli

Release Date: January 4, 2017

Genre: Science-Fiction / Dystopia

Series: When No One Was Looking, Book 1

The author, Kim Frauli, has been so kind to offer a free e-book copy of her book for all of my lovely readers. I recently read this so I think you guys may be interested in this. It wasn’t my favorite because there are a few kinks that I personally think the author needs to work on, but otherwise, I really enjoyed it. It is clean, wholesome, and perfect for the whole family. Certain aspects of this novel reminded me of Divergent. This isn’t a review so that’s all I am going to say about it other than the book summary below. Although, I may review it later on for the blog.
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Smurfs 3 Fun & Movie Ticket Giveaway!

I don’t know about you but I’m excited about the new Smurfs movie hitting theaters nationwide Friday, April 7th! This looks like a fun movie for everyone of all ages. I’m a huge fan of the Smurfs. With that being said, who wants some free movie tickets?!?! Good because one lucky reader will be receiving a set of two tickets (one for you, one for your guest of your choosing).

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