Author Interview: Brianna Tibbetts about The Knight in Battered Armor

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Hello and welcome! Today I’m chatting with super fun and sweet author about her book, The Knight in Battered Armor.

About The Knight in Battered Armor:

The Knight in Battered ArmorLord Tempesto is a snake in every sense. As a human, he is slimy, deceitful, and manipulative, but when he’s denied what he wants, he transforms into a gigantic, powerful snake. He wants nothing more than to rule the kingdom for himself, and he’ll stop at nothing to get what he wants.

Princess Melina dreams of marrying a knight in shining armor so she can rule her father’s kingdom someday. But when monster Lord Tempesto captures her and threatens to destroy her beloved kingdom if she doesn’t marry him, she has no choice but to submit to the hideous monster’s demands.

James, the son of a knight, hears about Princess Melina’s plight and sets out on the long journey to rescue her. But his own skills aren’t enough to win the fight against such a ruthless monster with strong, sinewy arms, and it takes teamwork between the captive and her rescuer to save the kingdom from the monster for good.

The Knight in Battered Armor shows children of all ages the importance of doing what is right no matter what and not being afraid to protect what is most important.

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Becky: Hello Brianna! Thank you so much for joining me on the blog today. Have you always dreamed of becoming a writer?

Brianna: Always! For as long as I can remember I’ve been telling stories, and I’m pretty sure I’ve been writing them down almost as long. I do remember a brief deviation when I was young where I thought I’d grow up to be an FBI agent, but reality put me back on the writing path pretty quickly!

Becky: What inspired you to write The Knight in Battered Armor?

Brianna: It was a sermon at my old church in San Antonio, Wayside Chapel. Pastor Roger Poupart was teaching, but it’s been so many years that I can’t remember what exactly he said that gave me the idea. I just remember pulling a little notebook out of my bag and scribbling down just under three-quarters of a first draft during the sermon. It’s the only time I’ve done that, I swear! Funnily enough, my illustrator, Liz Stockton, was sitting next to me at the time.

Becky: How fun is that?! I love when sermons inspire the creative inside of someone.

If you could have dinner with a favorite author(s), who would you choose? Where would you go?

Brianna: Well, the where is easy. I’ll take any excuse to get dinner at Nando’s!

As far as who, man that’s a long list. If I could pick someone no longer with us, Agatha Christie would be top of the list. A lot of my current favourite authors I’ve been blessed to have the chance to meet, so I’ll stick to those I haven’t ever been able to interact with. Stephen R. Lawhead would probably be number one, but Anthony Horowitz and Patricia H. Rushford would also be high on the list!

Becky: I love Stephen R. Lawhead and Anthony Horowitz!

Imagine the book were to be turned into a movie. If you could pick, who would you pick to play the roles of James, Lord Tempesto, and Princess Melina?

Brianna: I spent a long time thinking about this! I’m so used to how they look in Liz’s illustrations that imagining them as real people is kind of odd. I do often use real people as models in my books, but The Knight in Battered Armor was an exception because I wanted Liz to have some freedom in that respect. I only remember identifying a few specific traits per character that I felt were important.

I wish McKenna Grace was a few years older because I love her spunk and think she’d be great for Princess Melina. Katherine Newton is closer in age, so I’ll go with her, but her hair would need to be curly!

For James, this is a much simpler question. The first people that come to mind are all too old, but I think I’ll settle on Alex Neustaedter.

Lord Tempesto is actually the easiest to answer. I’d prefer if he was younger, but I think Rufus Sewell can pull off Lord Tempesto exactly as he’s portrayed in the book!

Becky: What do you hope readers will take away from your stories?

Brianna: The biggest lesson of The Knight in Battered Armor is to do the right thing no matter what. It’s a simple message that often gets lost, and I wanted to tell a story that made it clear. No one person wins the day alone, but those who do the right thing, especially when they do it together, will triumph.

Becky: I think that’s a fantastic message and I loved how you showed that it wasn’t always easy, but it’s worth it do to so.

Do you listen to music or work in complete silence while writing?

Becky: It totally depends on what I’m working on, but most of the time I listen to instrumental music. My favourites are the soundtracks to the BBC Merlin series, the Lord of the Rings soundtracks, the Interstellar soundtrack, and the soundtrack to The Thief Lord.

Becky: Those soundtracks are quite stellar.

Do you have any works in progress?

Brianna: Yes, two! I’m working on an adult contemporary fantasy romance and a YA near-future suspense trilogy.

Becky: How exciting! I can’t wait to check those out in the future. Thanks so much for joining me on the blog today. I hope you had a great time as well. 😀

Brianna TibbettsAbout Brianna Tibbetts:

Raised on a steady diet of rich fiction, novelist Brianna Tibbetts has been writing exciting, speculative worlds as long as she can remember. Currently based in the Pacific Northwest, she reads voraciously and writes extensively. In everything from short stories to series, Brianna demonstrates her passion for lively stories infused with faith. In addition to writing, her other superpowers include being ginger and yarn crafting. When she isn’t spending time in her own creations, she loves indulging in the fictional worlds of others.

CONNECT WITH THE AUTHOR: website | facebook | twitter | instagram

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