First Line Fridays: A Silken Thread by Kim Vogel Sawyer


Welcome to First Line Fridays, hosted by Hoarding Books!

How is everyone doing on this beautiful Friday morning? The book I’m sharing about today is the book I’m currently reading. I’ve only just started it so I’m not deep in, but I’m enjoying it a lot and cannot wait to watch the story unravel.

And the book I’m featuring today is:

A Silken Thread by Kim Vogel Sawyer

A Silken Thread

And the first line is:

Sunday, September 1, 1895
Pine Hill neighborhood, Atlanta, Georgia
Laurel Millard

Laurel swung her feet from the armrest of the sofa to the floor and sat up. The book she’d been reading slid from her lap and landed with a soft thud on the faded square of carpet that formed an island in the middle of the scuffed hardwood floor.

Let me know your first line in the comments & then head over to Hoarding Books to see who else is participating! Join us too!

One thought on “First Line Fridays: A Silken Thread by Kim Vogel Sawyer

  1. Happy Friday!

    Today on my blog, I am sharing the first few lines from The Heart of a King by Jill Eileen Smith: I am beginning chapter 20 so I will leave the first line from there.

    “Abishag’s mood slipped into melancholy as the months continued on after King David’s death, a mood she had not experienced to any great length since her mother had passed into Sheol.”

    Hope you have an excellent weekend. Happy reading! 🙂💚📚


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