The Hawaiian Discovery by Wanda E. Brunstetter & Jean Brunstetter

The Hawaiian DiscoveryRelease Date: June 1, 2018

Publisher: Shiloh Run Press

ISBN: 9781683224471

Genre: Fiction / Amish / Romance

Series: Hawaiian, Book Two

About the Book:

An Amish Woman Finds Love in Hawaii

Ellen Lambright mourned when her best friend, Mandy, moved from Indiana to Hawaii. But now Ellen has received the Amish church’s permission to go to Hawaii and help Mandy through challenging times. Rob Smith works on the Williams family’s organic farm, far from his past mistakes and burning regrets. When Ellen befriends Rob, the attraction is mutual, but her commitment to the Amish faith stands between them. Could a heartfelt discovery lead to forgiveness, reunion, and love? Or is Ellen’s destiny waiting for her in Indiana?

Find out in this sequel to The Hawaiian Quilt from New York Times bestselling author Wanda E. Brunstetter, writing with her daughter-in-law Jean Brunstetter.

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My Thoughts:

I’ve never heard about Amish in Hawaii before so I was immediately intrigued by, “The Hawaiian Discovery” by Wanda Brunstetter and Jean Brunstetter. The cover is absolutely gorgeous and makes you feel as if you were in beautiful warm and tropical Hawaii. I learned that this a sequel to a previous book, “The Hawaiian Quilt” which I did not read before picking this up. Although they do mention events that occurred in the previous book, it can easily be read as a stand-alone without any confusion.

Ellen is one of those characters that I loved getting to know. She teaches us the importance of friendship and what that looks like. She not only flew out to Hawaii, leaving everything and everyone that she knew behind to be there for her best friend, Mandy, while her husband Ken is in the hospital, but she helped with whatever needed doing. She is spunky, but kind and caring towards others.

Then there’s Rob. He easily makes his way into your heart. The way he interacts with Ellen and cares for her is beautiful. The two make the perfect team and work together well. His character also teaches us about seeking forgiveness from others when we are in the wrong as well as learning to let go of the past and forgiving ourselves.

The only thing I would change was to maybe erase all of Ezra’s points of views. They weren’t necessary nor did they play any significant role in the book. Honestly, whenever I saw that it was Ezra’s turn to talk, I skipped right over them because I really didn’t care.

The book itself is super light, squeaky clean, simple writing, and kind of cheesy. While I did enjoy this, this wasn’t my favorite book ever and I probably wouldn’t add it to my run out and buy list. I’d recommend it in a heartbeat though, even to younger readers.

Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book from the author for my honest review, which I have given. I was not required to write a positive review and have not been compensated for it in any way. All opinions expressed are my own.

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Wanda BrunstetterAbout Wanda E. Brunstetter:

VISIT WANDA at her websiteFacebookTwitter, and Pinterest

Wanda Brunstetter is an award-winning romance novelist who has led millions of readers to lose their heart in the Amish life. She is the author of nearly 90 books with more than 10 million copies sold. Many of her books have landed on the top bestseller lists, including the New York TimesPublisher’s WeeklyUSA TodayCBAECPA, and CBD. Wanda is considered one of the founders of the Amish fiction genre, and her work has been covered by national publications, including Time MagazineUSA TodayNewsweekGood Housekeeping, and Country Woman. Wanda’s books have been translated into four foreign languages.

Wanda’s fascination with the Amish culture developed when she met her husband, Richard, who grew up in a Mennonite church, and whose family has a Pennsylvania Dutch heritage. Meeting her new Mennonite sisters-in-law caused Wanda to yearn for the simpler life. In their travels, she and her husband have become close friends with many Amish people across America. Wanda’s desire to explore their culture increased when she discovered that her great-great grandparents were part of the Anabaptist faith.

Wanda’s primary attraction to the Amish is their desire to live a devout Christian life that strives to honor God, work hard, and maintain close family ties. Whenever she visits her Amish friends, Wanda finds herself drawn to their peaceful lifestyle, sincerity, and close family ties, which is in stark contrast to the chaos and busyness that plagues so many modern “Englishers.” Time and time again, Wanda loses her heart in the Amish life, and she hopes her readers will, too. All of Wanda’s novels are based on personal research intended to accurately portray the Amish way of life. Many of her books are well-read and trusted by the Amish, who credit her for giving readers a deeper understanding of the people and their customs.

jean-aboutAbout Jean Brunstetter:

VISIT JEAN at her website, Facebook, or YouTube

Jean Brunstetter became fascinated with the Amish when she first went to Pennsylvania to visit her father-in-law’s family. Since that time, Jean has become friends with several Amish families and enjoys writing about their way of life. She also likes to put some of the simple practices followed by the Amish into her daily routine. Jean lives in Washington State with her husband, Richard Jr. and their three children, but takes every opportunity to visit Amish communities in several states. In addition to writing, Jean enjoys boating, gardening, and spending time on the beach.



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