Top Ten Tuesday: Bookish Worlds I’d Never Want to Live In

Bookish worlds I'd Never Want To Live in

Hello and welcome to Top Ten Tuesdays hosted by The Artsy Reader Girl!

Books can literally take readers anywhere in the world they want to travel, even fictional worlds. Many like Hogwarts and Middle Earth many would love to actually be able to visit. Yet, there are some that we may enjoy reading about, but would never actually want to live there. That’s what today’s topic is about.

Here are some of the worlds I wouldn’t ever want to live in.

Disclaimer: Some of these may not be completely family friendly due to some violence found in some books.

  1. Left Behind by Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins

    Left BehindThese books are addicting. However, this is a post-apocalyptic setting that you don’t want to be in. If you’re living in this period, then that means you were left behind and that isn’t a good thing.

  2. Jurassic World by Michael Crichton

    Jurassic ParkI’m not sure if I should technically have this on the list since I haven’t actually read any of the books. I’ve seen the movies though and loved them. I’d love to visit the park, especially the new one, but I would never want to risk being eaten by a dinosaur.

  3. The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

    the hunger gamesThese books are fantastic because we have characters who rebel against the government. Teenagers from each district are required to participate in The Hunger Games which is a battle of the fittest and a fight to the death. I don’t volunteer as tribute.

  4. Divergent by Veronica Roth

    DivergentThis is another dystopian world that I just wouldn’t want to live in. Everyone is divided into factions and is told what to do. If you refuse to listen to status quo, you’re considered dangerous and you must die. In fact, many of my favorite characters die.

  5. The Maze Runner by James Dashner

    The Maze RunnerThis is another series that I’ve enjoyed so far. However, this is another dystopian novel with a strange government that I wouldn’t trust nor would I want to live under. Boys who are sent to fight a maze. Its survival of the fittest and characters are dying left and right.

  6. Alien by Alan Dean Foster

    AlienThese novels are based on the movies which I’ve seen, thanks to my brother. This is a sci-fi where a crew is awakened due to distress signals from an unknown planet. It becomes a battle of survival when it comes to an alien attacking them. No thank you.

  7. Heartless by Marissa Meyer

    18584855I’m not a huge “Alice in Wonderland” fan so I would’ve included that book in this list but I haven’t read it yet so I figured I can’t include it here. However, I’ve read “Heartless” and enjoyed it a lot. However, it’s kind of a strange world so I wouldn’t want to live there.

  8. River of Time by Lisa T. Bergren

    18664588_1453871277967598_8478084644288877944_nI hate to include this series in the list because it’s one of my favorites and I’d love to be able to time travel. However, I wouldn’t be able to survive in Medieval Italy like Gabi and Lia. People dying of the Black Plague, constant battles, baths every so often, no internet, no toilet paper. Overall, it’s just a rough time period to live in.

  9. Attack on Titan by  Hajime Isayama

    Attack on TitanI haven’t read any of the Manga novels the anime is based on, but my brother is obsessed with the anime and has made me watch it with him. Manga’s are considered books so I’m including this on the list. This is a post-apocalyptic world where it’s survival of the fittest. You’re either going to die by being eaten by a giant or you’re going to lose hope and wish you were dead. That’s not the kind of world I’d want to live in.

  10. The Walking Dead by Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore, Charlie Adlard, and Cliff Rathburn

    The Walking DeadThis is a popular TV show which I LOVE. But did you know that it’s based on graphic novels? I haven’t read any of them yet, unfortunately, but I’m including it on this list because it is another post-apocalyptic world just this time it’s overtaken by zombies which becomes yet another survival of the fittest situation.


That’s a wrap! What are some of your favorite fictional worlds but you wouldn’t want to actually live in? Let me know in the comments below!

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