First Line Fridays: A Twist of Faith by Pepper Basham


Hello and good morning!

Welcome to First Line Fridays, hosted by Hoarding Books!

Today’s first line comes from one of the books I’m currently reading. A huge thank you goes to Beth from Faithfully Bookish for lending me her copy. I just started it the other night and I’m loving it!

The book I’m featuring is:

A Twist of Faith by Pepper D. Basham

A Twist of Faith

About the Book:

Will a wager against her future steal her chance at true love?

Dr. Adelina Roseland has worked ten years in research as an accent reduction specialist to attain her dream job. But a secret wager to transform Appalachian cattle farmer Reese Mitchell into corporate material challenges Adelina in ways she never expected, threatening her new position.

For one, Adelina didn’t plan for the faith and friction of Reese or the unexpected influence of his chaotic family. Now, drawn into a culture she’d tried to forget, Adelina finds the warmth of family, the hope of faith, and the joy of love melting away the deep wounds of her past.

But when Reese discovers that he’s a pawn in her climb up the academic ladder, will he forgive Adelina’s deceit or will their miscommunication end in two broken lives?

And the first line is:

“Remember that you are a human being with a soul and the divine gift of articulate speech: that your native language is the language of Shakespear and Milton and The Bible; and don’t sit there crooning like a bilious piegon.”
(Phymalion, Act 1)

PHD was not supposed to smell like this.

Let me know your first line in the comments & then head over to Hoarding Books to see who else is participating! Join us too!

25 thoughts on “First Line Fridays: A Twist of Faith by Pepper Basham

  1. ANY book by Pepper is a great read!! Happy Friday! My first line is from Storm Front (Montana Rescue Book #5) by Susan May Warren:

    “Ty Remington blamed the homemade orange marmalade cake for why he found himself huddled under an overhang off some faraway path in Glacier National Park, shivering, praying he might live through the night.”

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    • I immediately added all of Pepper’s books to my TBR. Hehe.

      I really need to Susan May Warren’s series. I love her books. Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful weekend filled with books. 🙂

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  2. Happy Friday! I really need to read this book!😀

    Today my FLF is from a book I will be reading very soon, An Awakened Heart by Jody Hedlund.

    “Stop prostituting yourselves and run to the loving Father who will embrace you with forgiveness.” Reverend Bedell’s voice rose above the sniffles and muffled weeping of the women crowded on trestle benches of Centre Street Chapel.

    Have a great weekend and Happy Reading!📚😀

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    • Wow! What an awesome first line to start off the book with. Love Jody Hedlund so I’ll definitely be reading this. Thank you for sharing Susan!

      Hope you have a wonderful weekend filled with books!


  3. On my blog today, I’m featuring “The Substitute Wife” by Dorothy Clark. Here, I will share the first line of Chapter Three in “A Civil Contract” by Georgette Heyer, the book I’m currently reading. “When Adam left Mount Street Lord Oversley suffered some qualms of conscience, fearing that he had raised hopes that he might presently be obliged to dash to earth.” I love this authors writing style. Have a wonderful weekend!

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  4. This sounds really interesting!

    My first lines come from A.L. Jackson’s Lead Me Home.

    “I’d always wondered why people set themselves up for disaster. Why they put their heart on the line when they knew it would only be crushed. Why they led themselves toward the slaughter like a blind, ignorant lamb. Willingly.”

    I’m featuring lines from Tess Thompson’s Deleted: Jackson and Maggie on my blog. I’m about half way through and absolutely in love with this story and the characters. Stop by and take a look!

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  5. The book I’m sharing on my blog is The Road Home by Beverly Lewis but here I’ll share the book I just finished today called A Higher Ransom by Aleigha C Israel: “Anna Haddington took a deep breath of the salty air.”

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      • No, it’s actually more of a “Castle” book. The year isn’t stated but I’m reading the 3rd book in the series now and it states it’s mid-1800s. I thought it was more Renaissance period while reading the first two. Close enough I guess lol


  6. You will really enjoy this series! I just finished reading Charming the Troublemaker by Pepper Basham, and since I have not started another book yet, I am going to share the first line of the last chapter. “Rainey didn’t know he was awake.”

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    • I just finished A Twist of Faith and am about to start Charming the Troublemaker. This just made me even more excited. Thanks for sharing Jane! 😀


  7. I’m sharing from my current read, No Less Days by Amanda G. Stevens, on my blog today, so here is the first line from an upcoming read, Reclaiming Shilo Snow by Mary Weber:

    “The moment Earth’s United World Council officially placed seventeen-year-old Sofi Snow at the top of their Imminent Terrorist Threat list, a siren went off in the circular downtown building, and she became the most wanted teenager alive.”

    Happy Friday!

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  8. Fun first line!

    Today I’m sharing the first line of That’s Amore by Marion Ueckermann on my blog. It’s the first book in the new multi-author Tuscan Legacy series. I’m now reading the third book, Rapsodia (Rhapsody) by Alexa Verde. Here’s the first line:

    Marco Carter would rather spend a day in a pit with snakes than an hour on a plane.

    Personally, I love flying and hate snakes. What about you?

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    • That is an interstesting first line indeed! I’ve never flown so I wouldn’t know, but the thought of snakes on a plance is quite frightful. Thanks for sharing, iola!


    • I hope you have the opportunity to check her books out. I’m loving them so much! Thanks for stopping by Heather. 🙂


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