Courageous Women of the Bible by LaTan Roland Murphy

Courageous Women of the Bible

Release Date: February 20, 2018

Publisher: Bethany House

ISBN: 978-0764230523

Genre: Non-Fiction / Christian Living / Spiritual Growth

About the Book:

Learn to live, love, and lead courageously–as you boldly choose to trust God.

Whether you’re facing struggles with singleness, the mounting challenges of marriage and motherhood, health issues, a financial crisis–God has equipped you to walk in freedom and confidence as you abide in Him, strengthened by His power and provision. Through the stories of eleven brave women of the Bible who made faith-filled choices that positioned them for success, LaTan Roland Murphy exhorts, encourages, and empowers women of all ages. With warmth and wit, she illustrates how you, like Deborah, Jael, Mary, and others, can look beyond your circumstances and lay hold of the courage needed to 

· draw closer to Jesus when facing illness, isolation, or rejection;
· live and give generously, even amid financial hardship; and
· step out into faithful, fearless living as a wife, mother, friend or coworker–no matter the season of life or what lies ahead.

Thought-provoking study questions and an interactive journaling section will help take you even deeper in your quest for a more courageous, confident life, either on your own or with a group.

My Thoughts:

I originally picked up “Courageous Women of the Bible” by LaTan Roland Murphy mostly because I thought the cover was beautiful and I wanted to know which women from the Bible she would focus on. The author focuses on eleven women, some well-known while some stories aren’t familiar at all.

I think we all struggle with finding courage, even the author herself. The author is vulnerable and transparent as she shares personal stories from her life as if she were speaking to a close friend. She writes in a way that encourages and challenges the reader to fully put their trust in God like many of these women in the Bible did, especially in unknown circumstances, and be courageous. She writes in more of an inspirational sense so I don’t recommend it for a Bible study, but she does have sound theology and includes Scriptural references to explain.

At the back of the book, the authors also include a journaling area with questions pertaining to each chapter to journal about their life. This is personal so it’s strictly just for you, but it can also be used with a mentor or a trusted small group.

I enjoyed this and would be interested in reading more from this author in the future. Highly recommended to anyone who wishes to grow in their walks with the Lord.

Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book from the publisher for my honest review, which I have given. I was not required to write a positive review and have not been compensated for it in any way. All opinions expressed are my own.

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LaTan Roland MurphyAbout LaTan Roland Murphy:

As a writer, event speaker, and vocalist, LaTan Roland Murphy finds encouraging others her passion and purpose. She speaks with candid humility and raw honesty, drawing from her own real-life mistakes and failures while inspiring her audiences with hilarious personal stories. She is quick to say that God amazes her daily by honoring an ordinary girl like herself to speak to extraordinary people. Her audiences respond to her rare authenticity, saying they feel as though they’ve known her their entire lives. LaTan loves to inspire others to look for everyday blessings in the middle of crazy-busy living. She and her husband, Joe, met when they were only teenagers and have recently celebrated thirty-three years of marriage. They will be the first to tell you they are still growing up together. LaTan enjoys leading marriage seminars and helping singles discover their identity and confidence in Christ. She and Joe have three adult children: two sons and a daughter. They are blessed to have a loving son-in-law and daughter-in-law who feel more like biological children. In her spare time, LaTan enjoys spending time with her grandchildren—a granddaughter and a grandson—who totally captivate her heart.

LaTan is a Selah Award-nominated writer and a regularly featured columnist for the nationally recognized WHOA Women’s Magazine, from its inception in 2010. Her articles have been featured in WHOA Women’s Magazine on Fox News, Inside Edition, 700 Club, and The Daily Mail in the UK. Her books have been featured in Southern Writers Magazine in the 2014 January Edition, and the October 2014 edition as MUST READS. La-Tan has also been published on Girlfriends in God Devotional/ and is a regularly featured columnist for Just 18 Summers. She has been highlighted by the American Daily Herald, Inspire a Fire, and Southern Ohio Christian Voice. Her articles have been featured alongside Joyce Meyer, Lisa Osteen, Kim Alexis, Gretchen Carlson-Fox News, and Megan Alexander of Inside Edition.

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