Blogger Spotlight: Molly from Cafinated Reads

Blogger Spotlight_

Hello and welcome to this month’s blogger spotlight! I’m so excited for you guys to meet this month’s blogger because she is super sweet and has encouraged me from the very beginning of my blogging days.

And now to reveal who this month’s spotlight goes to.

*drum roll*

This month’s spotlight is:

Cafinated Reads

Molly from Cafinated Reads

About Cafinated Reads:

Cafinated Reads: More Coffee….More Books. Here you will find the latest and greatest books (and, occasionally, no so great!) and the authors that write them. Cafinated Reads focuses on all that is Christian fiction and clean reads, with the occasional DVD or CD review. Among the reviews of these, you’ll also find a giveaway or two, from time to time. If it’s clean or Christian, you’ll find it here on the blog. I love my followers/subscribers and sharing the books that captivate me is so much fun!

MollyAbout Molly:

I’m a country gal through and through! I love reading, butterflies and cows, and collecting books and mason jars. I am an avid reader of Christian fiction and love Julie Lessman, Sarah Sundin, Jason Wright, Karen Kingsbury, and Mary Connealy, just to name a few of my top authors. I also love anything Amish, drinking sweet iced tea and coffee. Where ever you find me, you’ll always see me wearing my Ariat boots and carrying my latest read!

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Becky: Hi Molly! How long have you been reviewing and how did you decide on your theme for the blog?

Molly: I’ve been blogging since August of 2009. I’ve actually had a few themes to my blog, but this one was sort of incorporated from my late mother. She always wanted me to use a uniqueness to it. There’s a page on my blog that explains it. It’s basically my love of coffee/tea and of course books.

Becky: What’s your favorite part about being a reviewer?

Molly: Hmmm. To me, that’s a tough question. All of it? I love getting to know new-to-me authors, new-to-me fellow bloggers, and over course the books! I love being able to spread the word of amazing new books and authors to fellow book lovers. Basically, it’s all just a super rewarding hobby and I wouldn’t trade it for the world!

Becky: I agree. It is a super rewarding hobby and I love your passion.

What would you say is one of the hardest parts of the job?

Molly: When someone doesn’t like your honesty about a book and they lash out. I believe in honesty and love to share it. For instance, when I give a review for a book and mention something about the book that I didn’t like, yet I still encourage others to read the book, but sometimes the people I’ve reviewed the book for don’t like my honesty and take it out on me. But, I pray about it and push on and stick to my honesty and hope that I can help a fellow reader decide on a book.

Becky: What keeps you busy and entertained when you’re not reviewing?

Molly: I love to spend time with my husband, kids, and dad. We have cats and a mini dachshund that keep us on our toes. I love to frequent our local used bookstore, Dog-Eared Books, where all the books are $1! Most of the time when I go, I get to meet up with my best friend and shop for books til we drop! The good thing is, she can bring her two pups and we can bring our Doxie and shop all day if we want! I also enjoy watching medical/fire/police shows with my husband, since I’m a CNA and he’s a firefighter.

Becky: What book are you reading right now?

Molly: Right now I’m reading DARE TO LOVE AGAIN by the fabulously talented Julie Lessman. She’s on my top 5 author list and I love all her books!

Becky: Who would you say your favorite fictional character is? If you could spend the day with him/her, what would you do?

Molly: Usually my favorite fictional character is whoever is the current book I’m reading. But, I have to say that Collin McGuire from A PASSION MOST PURE is my favorite swoon-worthy guy. If I could spend the day with him, I would love to go to a soda shop and just laugh and talk and laugh some more. He’s such cocky soul but he’s super sweet when you get to know him and I think he would be the perfect person to spend the day with. Of course, he’s closely tied with Nick Barone from DARE TO LOVE AGAIN. He’s so funny and lovable! I would love to have a battle of wits with him!

Becky: What is your favorite fictional genre?

Molly: Christian Historical Fiction

Becky: What kind of advice would you offer to new reviewers?

Molly: Always be honest in your reviews, and never give up! Be true and be you!

Becky: Thank you so much for joining me here on the blog today!

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