Tuesday Talks: Favorite Swoon-Worthy Males


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Today’s topic is: Favorite Swoon-worthy Males

Oh dear. Whenever I’m reviewing a book, I find myself referring to the guy as swoon-worthy. It’s rough trying to pick out the favorites. Now there are so many more favorites that didn’t make this list, but these are probably my top 10.

Marcello Forelli

316909_108465982589627_3919736_nMarcello is that dreamy medieval Italian guy that we all fell in love with in The River of Time series” by Lisa T. Bergren. He’s handsome, loyal, and genuine. He will fight to protect those in Siena, as well as the beautiful wife whom he loves. He loves to dance and any excuse to celebrate and host. He’s also a man who believes that chivalry is not dead. He also believes in love and hope. What’s not to love about this guy?

Luca Forelli

318664_273462846012799_2447468_nLuca is the captain of Castello Forelli’s guard in Lisa Bergren’s series, The River of Time series. He, too, is a handsome medieval Italian man who by the way happens to be Marcello’s cousin. Like, Marcello, he will do anything he can to protect Castello Forelli and those in Siena. He, too, believes in chivalry and is madly in love with Evangelia (Gabi’s sister).

Totka Lawe


Totka is also a different kind of man. He is a Native American who comes from a very different background. All he knows is war, anger, and betrayal. He struggles trusting those outside of his tribe, yet he is drawn to Adela. He is kind and gentle with her. She isn’t afraid of him like most people would be. It’s because of Adela that he begins to change and seek after Jesus Christ. After watching his journey, one can help but to love this guy. After awhile, he becomes a leader in the Christian faith and spreads it like wildfire amongst the Muskogee people.

Gilbert Blythe


What isn’t to love about L.M. Montgomery’s Gilbert Blythe? He lets Anne be Anne. He doesn’t expect to change her and he doesn’t want to change her. He loves her for who she is. He loves everything about her. He works hard for what he has and he isn’t showy about his successes. He had many obstacles in his path, but eventually he becomes a well respected doctor. He’s also dependable, reliable, and genuine. He’s also quite patient. It’s obvious that he fell in love with her when they were just kids, but he waited until she was ready and knew her heart. He’s also quite the romantic.

 Mr. Knightley


Sorry to all those Mr. Darcy fans, but I’ve never been a huge fan of his. I’ve always been more of a Mr. Knightley kind of gal. He’s not only good-looking, but he is loyal, genuine, and one of the closest people to Emma. He knows a side of her that no one else sees because she tells him her fears and worries. My favorite part about him though is that he isn’t afraid to tell her like it is. He’s not afraid to tell her when she’s doing something completely mean and selfish. He loves her despite her faults. I think that’s a highly important quality to look for in a future spouse.

Edward Ferrars


Edward Ferrars is another of my favorite Jane Austen heroes. He is kind, gentle, and an honorable young man who happens to be Fanny’s brother. He and Elinor become quite close despite that he was secretly engaged to Lucy. He lacks taste and artistic ability, Elinor still admires and loves him. He’s a strong believer in duty and responsibilities rather than money. This becomes evidenced when he refuses to break off his engagement with Lucy and is risking losing his inheritance. He has dreams of living a modest and content life as a clergyman rather than seeking wealth or social status which are against his mother’s wishes. (You can find his character in “Sense & Sensibility“.)

Collin McCrae

27066722There isn’t a picture of Collin McCrae so here is an image of the book where he can be found instead.  Collin is my favorite of Kristi Ann Hunter’s characters so far because he has much in common with why I love these Jane Austen heroes. He’s snarky and sarcastic, and smart. He’s mysterious. He is a firm believer in Jesus Christ and tries to encourage Lady Georgina through it. He is the only one who sees a completely different side that no one else knows. He keeps the secret that she can’t read to just himself, but encourages her to tell her family. He’s also not afraid to tell her like it is. He will tell her when she’s doing something completely stupid. Ugh, I just love him.

Brice Myerston


Again, we don’t have a picture of Brice Myerston so he is an image of the book of where he can be found. One of the main reasons that I love Brice is not just because he is a Duke, but because he is a strong believer in Jesus Christ. He marries Lady Rowena to protect her from her father and the guy who raped her. Despite her fear of men, Brice is patient and willing to wait for her. He tries to show her what love looks like as well as a Godly marriage. He wants her to know that not all men are bad. He shows her kindness, loyalness, and chivalry even though it’s hard and doesn’t know if she would ever return his love her.

Mr. Thornton


The biggest reason why this guy is on the list is because he’s one of my favorites! He is the industrialist who worked his way from the bottom. He too understands where the workers are coming from, but struggles to see them as friends and co-workers. Margaret is his opposite and shows him and completely different side than what he thought he saw. They make the perfect team.

Ryan Brooks


If you’ve read “Just Look Up“, then you already know why Brooks made this list. He has had a crush on Lane since they were kids. He didn’t care that she was fat. He loved her for who she was and that she accepted him despite his background. They both understood each other because they were both outcasts. He is a gentleman who cares about family and those around him. He loves Lane and he loves Jesus. He also isn’t afraid to tell her like it is.

Now it’s your turn. Who are some of your favorite swoon-worthy males? Or if you are male reading this, who are your favorite swoon-worthy females? Let me know in the comments below! (It doesn’t have to be someone listed on this list.)



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