Tuesday Talks: Favorite Fictional Couples


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Today’s topic is: Favorite Fictional Couples

Ooh, this one is hard. This is tough because I can think of a ton of male characters I’d love to date, but coming up with couples is tough because there are so many cute ones.  I apologize in advance that there are no pictures in today’s post. These are characters that are popular in the Christian Fiction community but don’t have many memes for them.

****Note that some contain spoilers.****

  1. Gabi & Marcello from River of Time by Lisa T. Bergren

    Marcello and Gabi are one of my favorite couples because they try hard to understand each other, both are likable and relatable characters, and both love Jesus. They aren’t afraid to fight for the other or to defend their people. Plus, there’s something fascinating about both of the characters coming from very different backgrounds and cultures and learning about each other’s time periods.

  2. Lia & Luca from River of Time by Lisa T. Bergren

    Lia is Gabi’s sister and Luca is Marcello’s best friend. Luca is hilarious, flirty, and is passionately in love with Lia. Lia is in love with him too, but she keeps him at an arm’s length because she’s praying that Gabi would give up on Marcello so they can go back to their own time. Eventually, the two end up getting married and they’re just so adorable together!

  3. Alessandria & Graco

    Okay, so spoiler alert, Alessandria doesn’t enter the books until Bourne & Tributary and this couple doesn’t last very long because Graco ends up dying in Deluge. Graco is one of those characters you wanted to hate in the beginning but you ended up loving him in the end. He wasn’t always the good guy, having participated in some things he wasn’t proud of and even betraying his friends to serve the bad guy. He was in love with Gabi at one time so he deals with a broken heart when she chooses Marcello. He’s working hard to earn their trust as well as the townspeople’s trust again when he meets Alessandria. Alessandria is practically abandoned by her father and forced to stay at the palace. Both having felt as outcasts end up spending a lot of time together and falling in love in the end. This is on my list because of all of the redeeming qualities it contained. Plus, you couldn’t help root for him in his own love story.

  4. Nora & John from True to You by Becky Wade

    I chose this couple because they were characters who were totally relatable. John is a former Navy Seal who is looking for his birth mother. Nora’s mother died when she was young. Both had beautiful adopted mothers who loved them very much, but both didn’t feel like they quite fit in with their families. Nora spends her time helping John track his mother down and end up falling in love in the end. They’re just so cute!

  5. Kit & Beckett from Keep Holding On by Melissa Tagg

    So there are many more couples that didn’t make this list. BUT, I had to include Kit and Beckett because they’re so adorable! Beckett is a lawyer who didn’t always do the things that he should have. Kit is trying to turn the apple orchard into a prospering business again. The two have unique skills that make the orchard successful. They’re best friends who love Jesus. Oh, and how can you say no when he gifts you a baby goat? -swoon-

And that’s a wrap! Now it’s your turn. Who are some of your favorite fictional couples? (It doesn’t have to be from this list!) Let me know in the comments below!


2 thoughts on “Tuesday Talks: Favorite Fictional Couples

  1. NORA AND JOHN!!! ❤ I love them together. Some of my favorite fictional couples are ones that balance each other's personalities when they are together…. like Peter and Rosemary from A Name Unknown by Roseanna M. White. And, you could even delve into the classics like Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I love Peter and Rosemary! Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy are pretty excellent too. I’ve got a feeling you’re going to love next weeks topic because I’m talking about favorite swoonworthy guys! 😎


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