Tuesday Talks: Favorite Fictional Towns


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Today’s topic is: Favorite Fictional Towns

This month we have so many fun topics in store. This week is about fictional small towns! I love small towns so this is a super fun topic! Here are my top 5 favorites!

  1. Maple Valley, Iowa




    I still need to read From the Start but I have read Like Never Before and Keep Holding On from the beautiful and brilliant author, Melissa Tagg. Maple Valley is a small town that loves throwing a celebration about everything. From weddings to mud fights, to basically all kinds of wacky small town events that I wish my town would host! Maple Valley is the kind of place that I like to imagine myself sitting at Coffee Coffee (the local coffee shop owned by Megan) sipping a cup of one of her fantastically delicious coffee (even though I can’t stand the taste of coffee in real life) or visiting Kit and Beckett at their apple orchard. Sigh. I wish I could live here or at least visit this sweet town. Meanwhile, I’ll just be anxiously waiting for All This Time to release.

  2. Sweethaven, Michigan




    Ok ok. I know that I haven’t technically read these yet, but I do have A Sweethaven Summer on my Kindle just waiting to be read! I did also read a short story based on a couple characters in Right Where We Belong which immediately made me fall in love with this beautiful small town where all of the characters become like close friends and family.

  3. Harbor Pointe, Michigan

    Many of you who know me probably already know why this one made the list. Harbor Pointe is a small lake town which is part of Lake Michigan (one of the Great Lakes). The people of Harbor Pointe all care about one another, but what I loved about this town is all of the shops and activities that occur. You have Brooks who is trying to fix up cottages to give veterans and their families, especially those who have risked their lives defending our country, a chance to have a vacation and not to have to worry about anything. It’s as if you were there with the characters following their fellowship time, watching hot air balloons in the sky, and so forth. Cannot wait for the sequel to come out so we can have more Harbor Pointe!

  4. Avonlea, Canada



    Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery is one of my all-time favorite series ever! This makes my small-town list because I have always wanted to visit Prince Edward Island and see Green Gables, the school that she attended, and all of their cute festivities. The characters become like family and it was always so much fun watching them as they grew up.

  5. Deep Haven, Minnesota



    Okay, so technically I’ve only read The Wonder of You and You’re The One That I Want from the fantastic Susan May Warren. But how can you not fall in the beautiful small town of Deep Haven? The characters are so real. There are the local coffee shop and the water and the family resort to easily love. There’s kayaking/canoeing on the Great Lakes. It’s just gorgeous scenery!

What about you? What are some of your favorite fictional small towns and why? Share in the comments below!


2 thoughts on “Tuesday Talks: Favorite Fictional Towns

  1. Maple Valley and Deep Haven are at the top of my list! I also really enjoyed Harbor Pointe in Just Look Up (especially the diner setting!). Hmm, another town that fits would be Chapel Springs from Denise Hunter’s series of the same name. It’s full of fun people!

    P.S. You MUST read the rest of the Christiansen family series soon! It’s SO good.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I need to read the rest of the Christansen Family Series indeed! I think I have a few of the other books. 🙂

      I have yet to read any of Denise Hunter’s books, but I have a bunch of them! One of these days I’ll read them. Hehe.


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