Tuesday Talks: Books/Series That Should Continue Or Be A Spin-Off


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Today’s topic is: Books/Series That Should Continue Or Be A Spin-Off

Hey Everyone! Today we’re talking about the books/series that I think should continue or be a spin-off! As much as I hate saying goodbye to some of my favorite characters and their stories, I’m usually left satisfied with how they ended. I was able to come up with three of my favorite series that I would love to see with a spin-off because they’re based on characters within the series but never really had the chance to shine.


Let’s get started!

  1. The River of Time Series by Lisa T. Bergren

    This is a series that I discovered and devoured the summer before I went away for college. Lisa T. Bergren is not only my favorite author, but this just so happens to be my favorite series of all time. If you enjoy a fantastically written YA time-traveling series that is intense and keeps the romance squeaky clean, then you definitely need to check this one out.  The books include: WaterfallCascadeTorrentBourne & Tributary, and Deluge. The original series follows two sisters who find themselves time-traveling to medieval Italy. It does get edge of your feet intense so I would recommend these for older teens. The last book, especially. I was sad when the series ended. I wasn’t ready to be finished with the characters and medieval Italy. However, the author closed it beautifully, giving it the perfectly intense ending it deserved.

    Since then, Mrs. Bergren has added a spin-off duology which includes Three Wishes and Four Winds. This is super fun and a lot lighter than the original series. I think it’s because we’re dealing with Atla California in the 1800s rather than the intense medieval days. I’m so glad she included these because it’s great seeing the time-traveling thing through different eyes and a different time period.

    You’re probably wondering, “Well, if this series ended beautifully and the author even included a spin-off, then why is this on the list?” Here’s why. In the original series, we eventually meet two brothers who also find themselves time-traveling to medieval Italy. I enjoyed these two so much that it would be so much fun to see a spin-off based on them and their adventures. Maybe one day it’ll happen.

  2. River of Time: California by Lisa T. Bergren


    Okay okay. I know I just mentioned that this is a spin-off of the books above, but I had to include these. In Three Wishes, we meet Dona Elena (Javier’s mother).  She was a super fun character. At time she seems harsh, but then there were also times when she could be very loving and caring. She’s the reason why I included this series in this list. We find out that she’s a time-traveler too! Except unlike the other characters who find themselves traveling to the past, she time travels a more futuristic time period for her. Mind blown yet? Doesn’t that sound intriguing? I wouldn’t even care if we don’t get a whole series or duology for her. I’ve be just fine with a short story or even a novella. I just know that I would love to discover her story and more of her character.

  3. The Everstone Chronicles by Dawn Crandall


    If you’re following this blog, then you probably already know how much I love this series. This is a historical fiction series that takes place in Boston, Massachusetts and Maine in the early 1890s. Each book is set around a different character from the Everstone family. Highly recommend this one. Now, just like The River of Time Series, Dawn Crandall wrapped this one up beautifully. The reason why this series makes the list is because in The Captive Imposter, we meet a super fun character named Roxy. It would be neat to see a sort of a spin-off story about her and her future man.

  4. Waves of Freedom Series by Sarah Sundin


    Waves of Freedom is one of my favorites when it comes the World War II setting. Each novel deals with a different Avery sibling who ends up falling in love. Plus, it deals with the U.S. Navy officers and bit of a Nancy Drew like mystery. These books have a little bit of everything for everyone. Romance, friendship, mystery, and even some action scenes during the war at sea. Each book is beautifully done, but it saddened me when I found out When Tides Turn was the last book. I was expecting there a fourth that would focus on Yvonne. We fight out a huge detail about this character that changes everything. I think a fun continuation or spin-off should happen. How exactly did she get recruited into what she does for a living? What happens after she’s sent away for safety reasons? Does she get a happy ever ending too? I found myself asking more questions and becoming more and more curious about her. Who knows. Maybe she’ll appear in the new World War II series that the author is working on.

What about you? Are there any books or series that you wish would continue or have a spin-off for? Let me know in the comments below!


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