Tuesday Talks: What Book/Series Has Been Your Favorite So Far This Year?


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Today’s topic is: Tuesday Talks: What Book/Series Has Been Your Favorite So Far This Year?

Oh man, I can’t pick just one. There are so many! Since I can’t choose just one, I’m going to list my top 5 favorite books that I’ve read so far this year.

    1. Life After by Katie Ganshert

      31364181This is my favorite of Katie Ganshert’s so far. Ganshert crafted a beautiful tale about life after a bombing on a train. How do you handle being the only survivor, especially when you’re falling in love with someone whose wife was killed in that horrible accident. The romance is super cute and swoon-worthy. The characters are so relatable and become like family. Just make sure you have tootsie pops handy because I found myself craving them while reading them. Just be prepared to read this in one sitting because it’s impossible to put this book down.

    2. Just Look Up by Courtney Walsh

      32980228Just Look Up is probably my favorite of Courtney Walsh’s. The romance is swoon-worthy. The small town lake town is beautiful. It has also deals with some real issues. Lane is climbing up the ladder at the design firm she’s working at, but she’s dealing with many insecurities and trust. The author also challenges the reader by living life. And I mean by really living it rather than through a cell phone. She had me questioning how much time I spent just looking down at my phone and social media. This is a quick read that I couldn’t put down.

    3. Looking Glass Lies by Varina Denman

      imageIt’s been awhile since I’ve seen a book call out body-shaming and and encourage women about their body-image. This is not a feel good story because it’s very real and deals with some tough stuff. Women of all ages will completely understand and relate to at least one character in this novel. It’s a story of broken people struggling with real issues and a sense of hope. This is a topic you don’t hear or see much in the media and I think it’s time that we change that. It’s time that we start building women up instead of tearing them down about how they look. Every woman is beautiful. #forNina

    4. True to You by Becky Wade

      32497077True to You is a super cute, classy and swoon-worthy tale. Nora is a quiet genealogist who throws herself into her work after a devastating break-up. She’s super sweet, fun, a bookworm, and loves period (especially British) dramas. Readers will resonate with her. John is a handsome former Navy Seal who recently found out he has an inherited disease. He desperate to find his birth mother so he can learn about his family history. They make a beautiful couple and John is so swoon-worthy! This is a story about healing, reconciliation, and forgiveness.  This would make the perfect beach read.

    5. Healing Love by Jennifer Slattery

      35380240This is a unique story as it’s about a missions trip to El Salvador. This is a powerful story that will tug at your heartstrings encouraging you to want to do more to help the orphans all over the world. I loved traveling around San Miguel, El Savaldor and experiencing everything through the characters. It has all of the feels, but mostly it will tug at your heart because of the realness of their culture and circumstances. This is for anyone who has ever been on a missions trip or dreams on going on one. This is very Gospel-centered and impact many of Slattery’s future readers.

What about yourself? What is your favorite book/series that you’ve read so far this year?


9 thoughts on “Tuesday Talks: What Book/Series Has Been Your Favorite So Far This Year?

  1. First, thank you so much for the shout out! I am incredibly humbled to have my book listed anywhere near these amazing authors! These all look like such great stories! Thanks for helping me add “must reads” to my TBR pile! I recently finished “First Born” by Tosca Lee. Oh, my! So good!

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    • Thank you so much for writing and sharing your beautiful stories. They’re going to touch so many of your readers for Jesus Christ! And it’s my pleasure! I’ve been wanting to read Tosca Lee’s books. I’ve heard they’re really good! Thank you for adding another “must read” to my TBR list.


  2. Oh there have been so many good ones! Among my top, stand-out favorites (in no particular order): ‘Many Sparrows’ by: Lori Benton
    ‘All of You’ by: Sarah Monzon
    ‘Just the way you are’ by: Pepper Basham
    ‘A Moonbow night’ by: Laura Frantz
    ‘In His Eyes’ by: Stephenia H. McGee
    ‘My Heart Belongs in Ruby City, Idaho’ by: Susanne Dietze
    ‘The Butterfly and the Violin’ by: Kristy Cambron
    ‘Name Unknown’ by: Roseanna M. White

    I’ve enjoyed reading others, but these seem to stick with me the longest.

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