Tuesday Talks: What Do You Read Most Of?


Hello Everyone! Welcome to Tuesday Talks with It’s Storytime with Van Daniker!

Tuesdays Talks is a Goodreads group for anyone who loves to discuss certain topics covering books, authors, libraries, book stores and so much more. Tuesday Talks consists mainly of Book tubers and bloggers, but anyone can join on discussions and can share their thoughts. We also encourage input from members on topics to discuss as well.

You can find Tuesday Talks here.

Today’s topic is: What Do You Read Most Of: Middle Grade, YA, or Adult?

Well, that’s a great question! I read all of these genres, but I tend to read more adult (Christian Fiction or Clean Adult Reads). I get the most requests for Christian Fiction reads so I tend to go after those. Plus, they’re a lot easier to snag review copies for. Some of my favorites are Katie Ganshert, Courtney Walsh, April W. Gardner, Jennifer Slattery, and a whole bunch of others. I enjoy them because even though they’re geared towards adults, they usually are clean so it wouldn’t be a huge deal if a teen read them. I also really enjoy a faith-based message. As much as I enjoy reading YA sometimes the plot is dark and depressing.

And the writing for adults tends to be better. YA tends to have short choppy sentences that annoy the heck out of me.

What about you? What do you read the most of?


4 thoughts on “Tuesday Talks: What Do You Read Most Of?

  1. SAME. I read mostly the adult genre — Christian fiction with the occasional foray into secular or a rare classic. I do read YA occasionally, but it is usually within the Christian fiction genre. I actually read more YA than I thought I ever would!

    I have a question for you: do you read more contemporary or historicals? (I’m not sure what my answer would be…. maybe slightly more contemporary?)

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    • It sounds like we have similar tastes in books! I love changing it up because sometimes it can be boring when you read only one genre. I’ve been reading a lot of secular YA, but I’m very picky about content. Although, I’ve been noticing more YA in the Christian genre that I’ve been itching to try.

      Hmm..I’m not sure what my answer would be either. I think I read about the same amount of each. I may have to go through and see which list is longer!

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      • I know what you mean about changing it up! I’ve enjoyed a few YA or even what some might call “New Adult” in the Christian genre lately. I really liked Sara Ella’s Unblemished.

        What’s a recent fav secular YA you recommend?

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      • Hmm..right now I’ve been working my way through The Selection series by Kiera Cass. It’s super cute and fairly clean for the most part. so I would have to say that one.

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