Tuesday Talks: Do You Write? Books, Poetry, Short Stories?


Hello Everyone! Welcome to Tuesday Talks with It’s Storytime with Van Daniker!

Tuesdays Talks is a Goodreads group for anyone who loves to discuss certain topics covering books, authors, libraries, book stores and so much more. Tuesday Talks consists mainly of Book tubers and bloggers, but anyone can join on discussions and can share their thoughts. We also encourage input from members on topics to discuss as well.

You can find Tuesday Talks here.

Today’s topic is: Do you write? Books, poetry, short stories?

As much as I enjoy reading, I honestly am not a writer. I’ve tried writing stories on my own but I never had the desire to finish them. You wouldn’t want to read them anyways because they weren’t very good.

Maybe one day I’ll attempt something, but that’s just not my gift.

I enjoy writing book reviews and bookish content. I’ve been told I’m quite good at it so I’m sticking with that for now.

What about you? Do you write at all? If so, what kind of stuff do you write about? Let me know in the comments below!


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