Tuesday Talks: How Do You Get Out Of A Book Slump?


Hey Everyone! I’m going to try something different here on the blog. I love writing book reviews, but I want to start venturing into some book discussions. I’m so thankful to have discovered the group, Tuesday Talks, on Goodreads. They have some awesome book discussion questions that I wanted to give a shot at trying to answer them on this blog. Let me know if that’s something that you would be interested in. I’m trying to come up with ways to make this blog more unique and stand out from the other book blogs.

Tuesdays Talks is a Goodreads group for anyone who loves to discuss certain topics covering books, authors, libraries, book stores and so much more. Tuesday Talks consists mainly of Book tubers and bloggers, but anyone can join on discussions and can share their thoughts. We also encourage input from members on topics to discuss as well.

You can find Tuesday Talks here.

Today’s question is: “How do you get out of a book slump?

This is a tough question. Even the hardcore reader can easily fall into this slump. You’ve been diving into that massive tbr pile and you’re on a roll. You are the friend that everyone comes to for book recommendations, but then the inevitable happens. You find yourself in the book slump.

You find yourself wanting to binge-watch shows on Netflix, glancing at your book every so often but having no desire to pick it up. Your friends ask you about the books you’ve been reading lately and you can’t answer. You love book so what’s going on? How did you get here? Is there hope?

Don’t worry. It happens to all of us. There is hope. Here are 7 ways that have helped me get out of the book slump mode.


  1. Reorganize your bookshelves

    If you’re like me, a good majority of the books you own are in your to-read-pile. Whenever I find myself in a book slump, I find myself rearranging my books. While reading the titles of the books, glancing at the covers, or reading a page or two, I often find a book that has piqued my interest. Before I know it, I’ve finished the book.


  2. Reread

    Sometimes revisiting old friends and their adventures can help bring back the love of reading because you already know you’re going to enjoy it. It’s always fun to reread the books you’ve already read. Some of my favorites to reread are the River of Times series by Lisa T. Bergren or the Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling.


  3. Set the Mood

    Sometimes all you need is a different setting. Try setting up some blankets on the floor, lighting some candles, brew some tea, and cuddle up with with something to read. Or try someplace you don’t normally read like a park or the beach. A change in setting can bring the reading inspiration back. I typically read in my bed so I try to find a spot outdoors or something I don’t normally do.

  4. Light Reading

    Stop trying to force yourself to finish that book you’re reading if you’re just not feeling it. Chances are you aren’t going to feel it. There’s nothing to be ashamed about in not finishing a book. When  you’re in a book slump, the page count can be the most intimidating thing. Try something lighter like a novella or a graphic novel. Sometimes I find myself reading a book from my childhood like Captain Underpants. Save the longer reads for when you’re ready for them.

  5. Switch Genres

    Change it up a bit. Maybe this means going back to the genre you previously loved or trying out a different genre that you don’t normally read. When you’re in a book slump, changing up the genre can get you back to where you want to be. I tend to read a lot of contemporary and clean romance novels so when this happens to me I look for a fantasy or humorous and cute.


  6. Watch a Movie or TV Show Based on a Book

    When I find myself in a book slump, I find a movie or TV show that is based on a book. Normally I would look for one that I haven’t read. Over the years I’ve found many of these that have inspired me to read the books. The Hunger Games and Divergent are just a couple of examples.


  7. Take a Break

    Sometimes you really just need a break from the written word. Take some time to do something that you’re passionate about. Maybe take some time to focus on some of the adult coloring books or pick up a new hobby like blogging or photography. When you’re ready, you’re be back on your game in no time.

The book slump is terrible, but there is hope. These are my 7 ways of ending that dreadful book slump.

Now it’s your turn. Do you do any of these things to get back in the reading game? Is there anything that you do that wasn’t on this list? I’ve love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.


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