Like Never Before by Melissa Tagg

Release Date: April 5, 201625170227

Publisher: Bethany House

ISBN: 9780764213083

Genre: Fiction / Romance

Series: Walker Family, Book 2

Oh, my word! Where do I even begin to describe this book of pure awesomeness? Melissa captures the reader’s attention from the very first page through an exchange of emails. It’s rare when the first page captures a reader these days so that’s saying a lot! In fact, readers will be flying through these pages as if there was no tomorrow.

Like Never Before is book two of the Walker family series, but it can easily be read a stand-alone without being confused. It’s obvious that Melissa poured her whole heart into this novel. It’s intriguing, witty, thought-provoking, and sometimes quite serious provided the perfect backdrop. Wisdom is found throughout the pages.

Her characters are also well developed.

Readers are definitely going to fall in love with Logan. I know I did. Melissa, if you’re reading this, I now understand why you love him so much! You made me love him. He’s dreamy and the kind of man I hope to marry someday.  He cares about others more than he does himself. Oh, and he can play the guitar and sing. No worries though. He’s far from perfect. He’s on a verge of a booming career and is still struggling with the death of his wife. He wants to be both a committed speech writer and a committed father, but he doesn’t know how. His insecurities cause him to be short with those he cares about.

Amelia is also a unique character. I loved her from the very beginning. She’s witty, quirky, and quite intuitive. She asks a lot of questions as she is naturally curious about things, has a love for history, and is trying to save a dying newspaper. She also tries to solve the town’s big mystery. She connects well with Logan that I found myself rooting for them to get together. She finds it hard to trust people because she’s divorced. However, Logan helps her become comfortable enough with him for her to drop her guard. They’re adorable and perfect for each other.

I also loved Logan’s adorable three year old daughter. She still doesn’t talk yet and Logan thinks he’s a terrible father because of it. You’ll cry when she speaks her first word.

Maple Valley is also a character in itself. It’s filled with unique residents and interesting festivals, and all the charm that you can find in a small town. I loved it. I wish more towns were like this small town. I loved the festivals and the residents. It was as if I was actually there.

Overall, this was a really neat experience. I loved Maple Valley and cannot wait to learn more about Reagan and Beckett! I highly recommend this read, especially for those who are Susan May Warren fans.

Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book from the publisher for my honest review, which I have given. I was not required to write a positive review and have not been compensated for it in any way. All opinions expressed are my own.


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 16002About Melissa Tagg 

Melissa Tagg, the author of Made to Last and Here to Stay, is a former newspaper reporter, current nonprofit grant writer, and total Iowa girl. When she’s not writing, she can be found hanging out with the coolest family ever. She’s passionate about humor, grace, and happy endings. Melissa blogs regularly at

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