Broken Silence by Annslee Urban

Release Date: March 2015

Publisher: Love Inspired Romance

ISBN: 9780373446582

Genre: Fiction, Suspense, Mystery

I’m still shocked that I was one of the contest winners that won a copy of this book. If it weren’t for this contest, I probably would not have bothered with purchasing a copy of my own. I’m really happy I did because I was not disappointed.

It’s considered a contemporary romance novel, but I honestly find that misleading. There is romance, but that is not the main focus. It’s more of a mystery, thriller, and suspense novel. Amber Talbot is your typical good girl that doesn’t get into trouble, but she has a secret that somebody wants her dead. She becomes that target of a car bomb and a home invasion. Now imagine this happening, but also tying her ex-fiance who just so happens to be the police detective assigned to her case. What happened to her eleven years ago caused her to walk away from Patrick without any kind of explanation. He wasn’t able to protect her then, but now he makes it his goal to do just that.

Amber’s story is so intense that it’ll keep you wanting to flip through the pages until you find out what’s next. I couldn’t put it down. The fun of the book is that you don’t know who it is that is actually the bad until it is finally revealed. It’s also a story of faith and trusting God, something that Amber truly struggles with, especially since she still feels the shame and guilt from what happened in her past. Can Patrick learn to love again or will what happened with Amber damage him forever? You’ll just have to read it yourself to find out!

You can purchase her book by clicking here.

Anslee Urban’s Biography

Anslee Urban grew up watching old-time romance movies, which she attributes to her passion for sweet romance, true love, and happy endings. A daydreamer at heart, Mary began her writing journey when the youngest of her five children started school. For several years she worked as a freelance writer for newspapers in her community and has written for magazines and online publications.

Raised in the foothills of Arizona, she survived temperature shock when she moved to Western Pennsylvania, before settling in North Carolina with her husband and children. Aside from writing, Annslee works part-time as a Registered Nurse in the Behavioral Health field. She is a member of ACFW and has served on the board of Carolina Christian Writers.

When she isn’t writing, Anslee enjoys cooking, traveling to faraway places, playing with grandbabies and all things chocolate!


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